Blockchain Applications-Hillary Clinton’s Technology Agenda

Blockchain Technology offers many promising applications through a wide variety of industries and sectors. The Future Technology agenda of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton included Blockchain technology among a list of revolutionary advancements in the works.

Hillary Clinton Blockchain

Politicians are reserved by nature, their main objective (to get in power positions) requires an incredible level persuasion. They often come with some form of socioeconomic agenda, today a report from the Clinton campaign mentioned Blockchain Technology in one of its analysis.

Virtual democratic party nominee for the elections, Hillary Clinton, has released its: ‘Initiative on Technology & Innovation‘. The briefing is a compendium of ideas on how the presidential candidate and her team sees the landscape for the technology sector.

The report showcases that ‘Hillary Clinton’s priority is to harness the power of technology and innovation so that it works for all Americans, creating good-paying jobs throughout the country.’ The briefing describes a few use cases from a social wellbeing standpoint:

Home monitoring options for seniors will improve health outcomes and relieve pressures on family members; interoperable and next-generation public safety systems will mean faster response times and safer communities; smarter transportation networks will lead to less congestion, fewer accidents, and lower energy costs; and widely-deployed digital infrastructure will allow for wrap-around learning for our students in the home and in our schools.

Hillary Clinton’s Report Mentions Blockchain

The Tech & Innovation agenda cover five key components, including plans to further support Computer Science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. High-Speed Broadband access to all Americans seems part of the plan too.

The report also includes a reference to Blockchain technology:

Hillary’s plan pairs our economic interests with our democratic values. We must position American innovators to lead the world in the next generation of technology revolutions –from autonomous vehicles to machine learning to public service blockchain applications –and we must defend universal access to the global, digital marketplace of ideas.

Such a brief reference of the technology powering Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies leave many open questions. The report doesn’t mention again the word or concept behind Blockchain Technology. 

Is Blockchain being thrown around as a buzzword in the report? Will the future president of the United States really build an ecosystem that allows innovation in the FinTech and Blockchain industry sector?

Source: Official Briefing Report

Image via,MIT.EDU