“Moore’s Law” predicts $100,000 for Bitcoin in February 2021

“Moore’s Law” predicts $100,000 for Bitcoin in February 2021

Bitcoin is still at a record rate, after the crypt-diet on Monday has reached a value of 4,100 US dollar per coin. The growth comes exactly one week before a big change in the Bitcoin network. On Tuesday, Bitcoins Blockchain will integrate a new software, Segregated Witness, or SegWit.

“SegWit is a clever solution, significantly increasing the capacity for transactions,” said Aaron Lasher, Head of Marketing at Breadwallet, a Bitcoin Wallet company.

The software was developed years ago and should solve the scaling problem of the crypt diet, which broke the brokerage for years and finally led to a split on 1 August .

The investors were unaffected by the split on 1 August, which resulted in the formation of a clone called Bitcoin Cash.

Sheba Jafari, strategy manager at Goldman Sachs, said in July that the crypt diet had “the thing to rise to 3,691.” Jafari had already been right with her assumptions, and she also said that she was the most important person.

The value of the bitcoin cryptographic may exceed $100,000 by February 2021. This is what Investor Denis Porto, who is a Harvard scientist, thinks. He is of the opinion that bitcoin is the first digital currency to obey Moore’s Law.

According to this law, formulated by the co-founder of Intel’s Gordon Moore Processor, the number of transistors on the new microprocessor models will increase approximately twice every 18-24 months.

“Moore’s law is specifically applied to the number of transistors per circuit, but it can be applied to any digital technology,” said Porto. “Any technology that grows exponentially (i.e. following Moore’s Law) has a doubling moment,” he adds.

The scientists’ comments come as a result of the separation of an alternative bitcoin-bitcoin cash branch, with the new cryptoLight quickly becoming the third largest. At the same time, the value of the original bitcoin continued to rise and on Aug. 7 for the first time exceeded $3400 per issue.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg wrote that a Russian company is preparing to boost the bitcoin yield in the country. The co-owner of the company in question is one of Vladimir Putin’s advisers on Internet issues – Dmitry Marinichev. “Russia has the potential to reach a 30% share of the world’s extraction of crypto-clay in the future,” he said.

The idea is to use Russia’s cheap electricity to challenge China’s position as the largest market for digital mining. The holding company, known as the Russian Miner Coin (RMC), plans to use semiconductor chips designed in Russia for use in satellites to minimize power consumption in crypto cell mining computers.

RMC will conduct a sort of initial public offering, with investors in the holding being able to use ethereum or bitcoin to buy a new digital currency type from RMC. The new currency will be worth 18% of the revenue generated by the company’s mining equipment.